Money Savers Part 6: Gifts & Clothing

I have a love-hate relationship with purchasing gifts. I LOVE hunting for something special that will make the receiver excited! But I HATE putting it away when I realize it’s way over my budget and I don’t have time to wait until it’s on sale. So this new year I started doing my gift shopping early!

Grab It While It’s Hot!

I’ve decided that I’m going to try to take the same approach I use for stocking up on groceries/household items and apply it to gift shopping. When I see something deeply on sale, I’m grabbing it. Even if that person’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. is pretty far away. That way I’m 1) not in a rush to find something last minute, and 2) getting great deals on items I would normally have to pass up! Since I just started earlier this month, I’ve only grabbed a few things for Baby Girl’s next birthday/Christmas. But considering I got 2 expensive items on clearance at an already marked-down store for $10, I’m pretty stinking excited! Hopefully shopping this way will help keep the excitement of spoiling the people I love, and prevent the stress of working on a limited budget.


Clothes Shopping

While I’m pretty good at making the most of my clothes (I’m still rocking some clothes from college, ha!), buying clothes for a growing baby seems never ending. I can’t say our bank account loves spending money on her quite as much as I do. So I’m trying this same strategy here as well, and have already been so pleased! During the after-Christmas sales, I purchased these clothes at Carter’s for Baby Girl to wear this summer. They were originally priced at over $135, and I paid a whopping $25!! I’d say this is proving to be pretty successful!

Do you have any tricks for saving on gifts and clothing? How about favorite stores that have the best deals? I’d love to go for a hunt!

6 thoughts on “Money Savers Part 6: Gifts & Clothing

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  1. Here in Kansas City we have a store called Savers. It is a second hand store and I can get a discount on my purchases if I take in our own gently used donations. There are about 5 locations throughout the metroplex. Imagine if you will good will meets KMart. It is clean, organized, and friendly. The best part is that I spend on average $4 an item when I shop there. With 3 girls that is the best part!


  2. I went credit card fee several years ago. To prepare for Christmas shopping, I bought gift cards throughout the year and kept them in a Christmas jar at home. When I bought groceries at Kroger, I would toss in a $10 or $15 gift card to Target, Amazon, and other stores I shopped at. The small bi-weekly addition didn’t hurt my grocery bill, I was ready to shop at Christmas, and all those Kroger gas points add up for discounted gasoline! WIN for me!


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