2-Year-Old Daily Routine

If you follow me and the other wonderful teachers/mommas at www.tenspire.org, you saw the routine I tried to follow with LG when she was about a year old. As you can imagine, things have changed quite a bit. We now have a spunky, adventurous 2 year old on our hands and our days look a little different. If you’re looking for a routine that might work for your little one, I’d love to share ours with you!

2 Year (Flexible) Routine

8am – LG is almost always up and ready to go by now. She takes after her momma and doesn’t love to eat as soon as she wakes up. So, we sip on some coffee and juice together while we watch cartoons and ease into the day.

9am – We try to have breakfast going by now to keep us on track for the day. LG loves fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes she enjoys eggs for breakfast, but we usually save them for lunch since that’s when this momma finally eats a real meal. Ha!

10am – After she has a full tummy, I try to get some practice in with LG. She’s still itty bitty, but she sure loves to learn! We practice our colors, numbers, shapes, animals and letters with magnets, puzzles, dry erase markers, etc. We try to practice each skill for at least 15 minutes before having some independent play or craft time. Then, we start with another skill! (If we have errands to run, I usually try to take care of them now. That way I can get out of the RV for a bit, feed LG lunch and let her fall asleep in the car for naptime on the way home.)

12pm – I feel like this is probably the only event in our day that is always exactly on time. Haha I don’t know what it is about lunch time, but we never miss it. LG enjoys lunch and a “movie”/cartoon and a little play time after. Then, she’s more than ready for her nap!

1pm-3pm – Most days we get a good nap in. Unfortunately, she’s had a cough lately that’s been interrupting her sleep. But she usually goes down easily for naptime.

3pmish – LG is up and ready run! We grab a snack and head outside or break out our sensory bins for some fun! If we had errands that we couldn’t run in the morning, now is the time to get them done! Otherwise, we break out the craft supplies and a movie after our sensory bins so that dinner can get started.

6pm – If there’s any other time that stays consistent, it’s pretty much dinner time. There’s something about meal times and the fact that they always, no matter what, have to happen every single day that makes them easier for me to consistently schedule. Crafts and practice may get rearranged to make time for other activities, but you can’t just skip a meal. So, we try to have dinner ready between 6-6:30 every night.

8pm – I won’t lie. We’ve been pretty bad about keeping a regular bedtime since we moved out of our house over 6 months ago. We’ve gone back and forth between living with family and living in our RV, so it was a struggle for me. Our goal for this new year is begin our bedtime routine at 8pm. This includes bath, milk/snack, Bible stories and snuggles. So far, so good!

Does this routine look similar your child’s? Completely different? Leave me your favorite/most useful routine tips and tricks!

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  1. I love that you spend so much time learning. I enjoyed seeing what a typical day looks like for you guys. Sounds like a great routine!!


  2. Hi!👋🏻I just started following you on instagram! Our schedule looks pretty similar but it’s been on the fritz since little sister arrived. One thing that helps is I have an alarm set 15 minutes before bedtime routine. This alarm lets my two year old know it’s time to clean up. He doesn’t always love it but he’s started to understand we do it anyway and it helps him to run around the house and get all of his remaining wiggles out. Nice to meet you!


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