Playschool Plans – Feb 25

Hey y’all! I’m excited to be sharing this week’s “playschool” plans in more detail! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I posted this week’s plans straight from my planner. This is always the first way I plan out LG’s activities for the week so I can see it spread out. From there, I always try to post them on Instagram for y’all to see the summary. However, I’ve been getting lots of questions about our activities so I thought I’d share them with you here so I can explain more and even include links! If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post!

Monday February 26

1. Veggie Tales, Bible Study & Books – During this time, LG watches her Veggie Tales while Matt and I do our Bible study. Then, we read together from her Bible and other books to start the day.

2. Shape Matching – We’re so excited to use our new shape matching task box from Especially Education! We’ve loved using her color matching task boxes so I know LG will have a blast with this one!

3. ABC Magnets & Board – LG loooooves using her white board! As she places her ABC magnets on the board, we practice calling out their names. Then, she gets to “write them” and draw pictures on her board.

4. Sensory Bin – After her nap, we usually have a snack & sensory play. We’ll be using her favorite – black beans, mini erasers from the Target “dollar spot” and measuring cups.

5. Pretend Play – In the past, I picked something we could do together for each day. But lately, I’ve let her pick what she wants me to do with her and she seems much happier with that! We usually play with her doll set, make music, “cook” in her kitchen, etc.

6. Family Painting – We try to make a point to do something fun in the evenings as a family. Sometimes it’s sitting down to do a craft, other times it’s going out to run some errands together. Today, we’ll be breaking out some paints for family painting!


Tuesday February 27

1. Veggie Tales, Bible Study & Books

2. Numbers/Shape Magnets & Board – Today we’ll practice recognizing numbers to 12 and shapes using our magnets and white board.

3. ABC Puzzles

4. Sensory Bin – Today we’re painting our last Valentine’s Day craft, our Target “dollar spot” llama!

5. Pretend Play

6. Family Game – (LG’s favorite) Hide-and-Seek! As you can imagine, there are only so many places you can hind in an RV. ha! But she absolutely loves it anyway!


Wednesday February 28

1. Veggie Tales, Bible Study & Books

2. Color Matching – Today we’ll practice sorting and matching colors using more task boxes from Especially Education.

3. ABC Sensory – We’ll mix up our ABC puzzles practice by putting the puzzle pieces in our black beans sensory bin to find!

4. Sensory Bin – Our girl never gets tired of playing with her sensory bins, so we’ll get the black bean bin back out and throw in the last of our puffy heart stickers from Valentine’s Day. LG loves to pull off the backing, and it gives her sweet little fingers such good practice!

5. Pretend Play

6. Family Game – Connect 4! No, our 2-year-old has not mastered Connect 4. BUT, she loves trying to race her daddy to put all of her pieces in!


Thursday March 1

1. Veggie Tales, Bible Study & Books

2. Number Matching – We’ll be using another one of the fabulous task boxes from Especially Education!

3. ABC Books – Today we’ll break out our ABC books. LG loves to look at them all, but her favorite is her ABC animals book.

4. Craft – LG will be so excited to finally paint her wooden rainbow!

5. Pretend Play

6. Bible Study – Our family usually goes into town for Bible Study. This is a great way to spend family time with each other AND our church family!


Friday March 2

1. Veggie Tales, Bible Study & Books

2. Candy Counting – As you can imagine by reading the name of this activity, this is LG’s current favorite. And I’m totally okay with that! Ha! We use the counting cards in the picture above and M&Ms to practice fine motors and counting. We’ve been working on numbers 1-5, and LG loves that she gets to eat the M&Ms at the end of the activity!

3. ABC Magnets & Board – Back to the board! Our kiddo loves writing on her white board!

4. Sensory Bin – To celebrate March, we’ll be doing our first matching mat of the month!

5. Pretend Play

6. Family Movie Night – If we don’t have plans with other family on Friday nights, we snuggle up for a family movie and ice cream!


After typing this all up, I can see how planning for a 2 year old might sound crazy. But y’all, I promise it is so much easier than you think. If you’re anything like me, having a consistent routine is so helpful in making sure I set aside time to practice and PLAY with my kiddo. We do as many hands-on, fun activities as possible and really spend no more than an hour a day working on traditional “academic” skills. We know that LG is still a baby and want to soak up as much fun time with her as we can, while fostering her curiosity about learning!