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Hey friends! Summer is almost over and I’ve been collecting resources and ideas to use with LG this school year! She will be turning 3 in December, so we’ve decided to start a relaxed homeschool preschool routine at the beginning of September.

I am thrilled to share these amazing resources with you all! I have already tested out each of them, and can tell you from experience that LG is loving them so much! I know she’s going to have a BLAST with them this school year, and I will be at ease knowing they are all developmentally appropriate for her!

To check out any of these resources, click the images and you’ll either be taken to a blog post about the resource or directly to them in TeachersPayTeachers. And just a reminder – TeachersPayTeachers isn’t just for classroom teachers! Sign up for free as a homeschooler to access these resources and many others!


HSPS - Bible ABCs

1. Bible Letter of the Week Activities – This curriculum will be the center of our homeschool routine for years to come! One of the (many) reasons we’ve decided to homeschool is so that Scripture study can be part of our kiddos’ education. Educators know that cross-curricular study is extremely beneficial to students’ learning, and I firmly believe that studying God’s word is no different.

This curriculum will allow us to tie in Scripture to every letter of the alphabet we study, and it’s so differentiated that we will be able to use portions of it for several years! Ashley from Teaching Where You’re Called did an incredibly thorough job with this resource! (If you’re looking for a secular version, Ashley has that too! You can find it here!)

**I am an affiliate for this product and will receive compensation for any purchases made through this post.**


HSPS - Basic Skills Task Boxes

2. Basic Skills Task Boxes – These task boxes from Michaela at Especially Education have SO many skills and just as many uses! She creates resources for little ones and Special Education students, so she knows exactly what it takes to reach kiddos on a developmentally appropriate level. We’ve had so much fun practicing our shapes, colors, emotions and MORE with these fabulous boxes!



3. STEM Bins – Is it possible to start thinking about STEM too early?! Of course not!!  Frankly, our little ones are probably the best natural STEM thinkers because they’re so curious and LOVE to build! LG already loves building with all sorts of materials, but I wanted to start giving her a little extra guidance in what she is building. Brooke Brown from Teach Outside the Box is the STEM Queen! Her STEM Bins are perfect for giving just the right about of guidance!


HSPS - Speech Bootcamp                          HSPS - Language Homework

4. Speech Boot Camp – Our little ones have so. much. energy. And I’m certainly not a P.E. teacher. So this Speech Boot Camp bundle from Rachael at Texas Speech Mom is a perfect way to combine speech and gross motor practice! LG loves getting her wiggles out and I love targeting some of those harder articulation goals early on!

5. Non-Verbal Homework Calendar – It’s SO important for us to constantly chat with our little ones on a daily basis! However, sometimes we need some extra ideas for what to talk about. This Homework Calendar was put together by Jessica at The Gift of Gab and it is BRILLIANT. She created this for parents of students w/limited speech, but it is perfect for developing language with our littles! She has so many great ideas for fun activities to do as a family and how to integrate language practice!


HSPS - Fine Motors Activities                      HSPS - Sensory Bins and Puzzles

6. Fine Motor Centers – Y’ALL. This set of fine motor centers from Ashley at Just Reed is so much fun!! She gives SO many creative opportunities for little ones to develop their fine motors skills! She has a set for each month of the year, and if you’ve followed me for 2 seconds you know that I LOVE seasonal activities!

7. Seasonal Sensory Bins & Puzzles – See?? I said I love seasonal resources! Ha! LG and I will also be using one of my own resources this year, as we have for the last several months! This growing bundle includes 3 matching mats and 3 puzzles for each month of the calendar year. They’re perfect for practicing visual discrimination, as well as discussing seasonal vocabulary!


By now you’re probably questioning my comment about starting a “relaxed” homeschool preschool routine this Fall. But we certainly won’t be using every single resource every single day! ALL of these resources will grow with LG for YEARS, so I’ll be using bits and pieces this first year! I can’t wait to share with you all how I’ll be planning!

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